Loved it

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Omygosh! Loved it so much

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Author:Sano S

Great Dress

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Bought it for my granddaughter. Exactly as described and no alterations needed. Like a $400 gown!!! Simply Gorgous!

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Author:Lucia D.

Perfect fit

  • Review Add on:03/11/2020
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Exactly what I was expecting It was beautiful and photographed so well. highly recommend

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Beautiful dress

  • Review Add on:02/11/2020
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It was a show stopper.very well made.I bought this dress and sent in custom size for a Nov 1st 25th birthday party and requested faster shipping. Seller was extremely helpful.The dress arrived two weeks before expected and made for a great night. I got so many compliments and will be come back again!

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Perfect Gown

  • Review Add on:09/10/2020
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Loved wearing this glamorous dress and it was comfortable throughout the night.The sequins were fun and a lovely rich color.I will definitely use SUMINTRAS again and would highly recommend this dress.

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Pretty dress on.

  • Review Add on:07/08/2020
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I was surprised this dress was pretty on. The sleeves needed to be altered for me. Other than that it fits well. I would recommend this dress. The pictures in the reviews doesn’t do the dress justice if your looking for an inexpensive dress that’s cute.I only need it taken in at the shoulders

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Author:jessica castaneda

Say YES to the dress!!

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I really went out on a limb and purchased this dress for my daughter's surprise Sweet 16 birthday party. After reading only one review I decided to take a chance and order the dress. This is very similar to a dress my daughter saw in a store at the mall and fell in love with. That dress was 5 times the price as this one so I really felt that it was too good to be true but, being a regular Google shopper, I decided to trust in Google and their partners and order the dress. Worse case scenario I would have to go buy a dress 2 days before the party. I got an email from the seller within hours after ordering the dress asking for my daughter's measurements. I was able to make up a reason as to why I needed them and got her measurements and emailed them to the seller. Shipping was also a huge comcern for me as there was less than 2 weeks until the party. I asked the seller whether they thought the dress would arrive with enough time to have the skirt pressed, they assured me that I had nothing to worry about. They were right. The dress arrived a week before I expected and it was tightly wrapped in a plastic shipping pack. I was so nervous that I waited until Tuesday to open it. To be honest my first reaction was, why does the top look brown and why is the pink SO pink?! I felt that the bodice in the picture looked more nude rather than champagne and the skirt looked more coral than pink. There also seemed to be more beading on the bodice in the picture. However, the dress was still gorgeous! It was heavy and well made but the best part is that the dress has a corset closure so I knew it was a sure fit. My daughter looked absolutely beautiful in the dress and she loved it! I am so happy that I took a chance on this dress, This is the last place I thought to look and as always, I was not disappointed!!

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Author:Connie Muniz

Great dress

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Dress was beautiful. A little big in the chest area but very pretty. This was a back up dress for my daughters 15 birthday.

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Author:Roger nelson

Length was good. Exactly as we hoped it would be

  • Review Add on:01/08/2020
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This dress is absolutely beautiful ! We had a bit of a panic because of delays in shipping (twice the package was held up) but it showed up just hours before the Homecoming Dance. It fit perfectly and she looked so adorable in it ! Highly recommend this dress. It is well made and the length was just right.

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Stunning and gorgeous dress

  • Review Add on:01/08/2020
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I bought this dress after serious debating between others similar to it. I needed it for a masquerade ball gown even I was attending (see my picture). It arrived fast, and as soon as I opened the very meticulous packaging, I was in love! The fabric and quality surpassed my expectations! Very nicely made and tailored, the seems are perfect, and the Bodice? So stunning! Every bead is in perfect placement, secure and so sparkly! If you're looking for a stunning dress, this is show stopper!

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