How to Lace-up

How to Lace a Corset Dress

When lacing up a dress, make sure the person's back is straight at all times. An easy way to do this, have them place their hands on the hips. Then do the following in order:

  1. Add lace to the first top loops on each side of the dress
  2. After adding the lace through the first loops, pull back and line the lace to make it even
  3. Pull lace through an open loop on the left side
  4. Then pull lace through an open loop on the right side, skipping one hole
  5. Continue lacing every other loop on each side
  6. Then you can add lace through the remaining open loops on each side of the dress
  7. Tighten the lace by pulling on each crossover piece (see video for example)
  8. Create a bow
  9. Tuck extra lace inside the dress

How to Zip a Prom Dress

  1. First make sure the dress is on and held in the position where you feel comfortable.
  2. When you start to zipper the dress, make sure that there are no hanger straps and/or strings in the zipper's way.
  3. You can do one of two things:
    • You can attach the hook-n-eye first and start to zipper
    • Or you can zipper it up and then attach the hook-n-eye
  4. Slowly pull up the zipper of the gown until you have it all the way closed.

More Tips:

The majority of dresses have hidden zippers and you might need an extra person to help you hold the dress together while you zip. If you are having a hard time zipping it, you can always rub a bar of soap or zipper wax on the teeth of the zipper to help ease and lubricate the zipper.